Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Timepiece

Author: Myra McEntire
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance/ YA Sci Fi
Release Date: 6/12/2012
Series: Hourglass Series 
Summary From B&N.com: 
Kaleb Ballard was never supposed to be able to see ripples—cracks in time. Are Kaleb’s powers expanding, or is something very wrong? Before Kaleb can find out, Jonathan Landers, the man who tried to murder his father, reappears. Why is he back, and what, or whom, does he want? In the wake of Landers’s return, the Hourglass organization is offered an ultimatum by a mysterious man. Either they find Landers and the research he has stolen on people who might carry the time gene, or time will be altered—with devastating results for the people Kaleb loves most. Now Kaleb, Emerson, Michael, and the other Hourglass recruits have no choice but to use their extraordinary powers to find Landers. But where do they even start? And when? Even if they succeed, just finding him may not be enough. . . .

 *****Warning***** Please don't read this review if you have not read Hourglass by Myra McEntire, because this many contain spoilers for Hourglass by Myra McEntire.

My Review:

This book was amazing. It was the prefect sequel to Hourglass, it did not ruin the whole series or out shine Hourglass. Plus it is in Kaleb's point of view. 

Kaleb starts seeing rips, so do the other people of the hourglass. Jack Landers stirs things up. The Chronos aren't a myth, and they are threatening the hourglass with rewinding time if they don't find jack.  You learn more about Lily's ability and her past. You learn so much more about Kaleb, what he as been though, and his ability.  

Kaleb's point of view was incredible. I normally don't like books from a guy point of view, because I don't feel like I can connect with the character, but that was not the case in this book. It was so easy to connect with Kaleb, and understand all he is going though and feel his emotions and the emotions he feels. 

This book is packed with more mystery and action then the first one. You never know whats going to happen, because there is a new surprise almost each chapter. The emotions in this book are very well written that I could feel them like they were my own. Which is amazing because it's not just Kaleb's emotions, but also the emotions Kaleb feels because of is ability. The end blows you away, and has you waiting from more.

I loved this book. It makes this series even better than it was before I read it. I can't wait to see what happens next, and what Myra comes up with to blows away next time.

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