Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Petronella & The Trogot

Author: Cheryl Bentley
Release Date: 
Paperback: 10/1/2012 
Ebook: 8/1/12
Genre: YA Supernatural / YA Urban Fantasy
Recieved from: Sparkling Books via NetGalley
Summary from B&
Petronella moves to Charis Cottage hidden in the thick dark woods at the bottom of a track on the outskirts of Fort Willow. Everything is perfect. Except for one thing. Since she moved an enormous black tree has appeared in her back garden in the shape of a giant with a big black circle on the ground under it. Petronella finds out it is a deep pit and is terrified to go near its ridge. But one night...How is the tree linked to: - The creepy night-time visits by the Hooded Horseman?
- The boy ghost, Percy, Petronella finds in her bed one night?
- The invasion of ghosts of the ancient Strincas population all over Fort Willow? 

My Review:

Petronella and The Trogot is a slightly creepy, and enchanting book. Cheryl Bentley created this very interesting and original storyline for this book. This book is a twist between supernatural and urban fantasy.

The people of Fort Willow hate Petronella. Who is slightly green, walks around bare foot, and her house is in front of a giant mysterious tree. One day Petronella's cat digs up a skull, and that day will change of Fort Willow forever. After the cat digs up the skull then the skulls torso it brings to Petronella's house, it brings the ghost of the Hooded Horseman. The field where the cat dug up the skull torso, more skeletons where found and every skeleton put back together bought that person back to life. These people are the Ancient Strincas, and Petronella is the Chosen One that decides what happens to them.

Petronella was a fun and interesting person to read about. She was really loving and caring. Yes, she has a rough outside but on the inside she is a generally caring person. The Strincas were really interesting and fun to read about also. 

For me this book was not that scary, it was thrillingly fun to read. This was written in third person, and I don't feel like I was able to connect with the characters that well. The two mixed genres was incredible to read. The storyline grab you and trap you in it for an action packed ride. This book was greatly written, I just wished it was not in third person as personal preference. 

I really liked this book. Cheryl Bentley did a beautiful job on this book. Petronella and The Trogot is a riveting and action packed novel. I recommend this book for any one looking for a thrilling but fun read.              

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