Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ARC Review: Eve and Adam

Author: Micheal Grant and Katherine Applegate
Author: Rachel Harris
Release Date: 10/1/12
Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Received from: Macmillan via NetGalley.
Summary from B&N.com:
In the beginning, there was an apple –
And then there was a car crash, a horrible injury, and a hospital. But before Evening Spiker's head clears a strange boy named Solo is rushing her to her mother’s research facility. There, under the best care available, Eve is left alone to heal.
Just when Eve thinks she will die – not from her injuries, but from boredom—her mother gives her a special project: Create the perfect boy.
Using an amazingly detailed simulation, Eve starts building a boy from the ground up. Eve is creating Adam. And he will be just perfect . . . won’t he?

My Review:

 Eve and Adam really surprised me, for many reasons. This book was not at all what I was expecting. I really enjoyed it even though it was not what I thought it was going to be. 

  Evening Spiker gets in a accident. Her mom comes and gets here from the hospital immediately and takes Evening to her research facility. That just the start of the odd things that are happening at the Spiker facility. When Eve starts to feel better her mom has Eve create a boy. Eve thinks it's just a simulator, but is it? Solo is the kid that lives at the Spiker facility, because Terra Spiker (Eve's mom) has custody of him after his parents died. Solo starts to find things out about the Spiker facility. 

 The setting is in present day. It is not dystopian like I originally thought, it's science fiction. Spiker facility is more high tech than we really have now a days, but the book is still set in the present. This is one of the first science fiction books I have read, and I really enjoyed it. 

 I felt disconnected from the characters, but I still really enjoyed reading about them. This book was a very fast read, and filled with action. There is some romance in this book, but it didn't seem like enough to me. I still really enjoyed this book. I love the storyline, it is so interesting and different from anything I have ever read.

 I liked this book. I loved the storyline. I wish I was able to connect with the characters more. I'm happy to be able to explore the genre of YA Science Fiction through this book. This book is a interesting and action packed fast read. 

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