Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Beyond The Cell

Author: Sara Tribble 
Release Date: 9/23/12
Hidden deep in the mountains lies a place that humans refuse to acknowledge exists.

It’s known as The Cell, a guarded and armored cage that imprisons all that remains of mythical beings and their families. This is where a sixteen-year-old banshee, Sonata Wilde, is bound forever.

But forever is too long for Sonata and her desire to escape grows stronger, forcing her to sacrifice and risk everything to try and be free once again.

My Review:

 Beyond The Cell is a action packed adventure, that will keep you on the edge of your seat but make you laugh at the same time. This book is such a great read. The storyline is engrossing. The creatures are different and mind-blowing. The character are completely bewitching. I could not put this book down. 

The creatures are not like anything in any other books that I have read. Sara Tribble create these amazing, unique creatures that will take your breathe away. Creature you may have read about before maybe in this book but there completely different. Do know what these creatures are and what they do, you are going to have to read the book it indescribable.  

The main characters in this book are very easy to connect with and relatable. Yes, relatable even though they're mythical creatures. They have relationship issues, family issue, and normal teenage issues. They have to redefine their-selves after they escape from the cell and are living without their parents in a place they don't know. Being able to relate to these character with them being mythical creatures blow me away.

This book has great meaning, but it also made me laugh. I loved that Sara Tribble was able to make this serious but also fun and laughable. This book was so hypnotic, I could not stop reading it. I was a fast read, but a good one for sure.

I loved this book. Sara Tribble amazed me with this book. Beyond The Cell is mind-blowing unique. This book is so different and unique I recommend you give it a try.   

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  1. So happy you enjoyed this so much, Brittan! If anyone would like to see details to buy this book, check out the link below!


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