Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hi everyone,

I’m extremely sorry for my lack of blogging lately. My life has been super busy and I also have been in a reviewing slump lately. But my life has slowed down a bit and I think I finally have kicked the reviewing slump. I’m ready for a fresh start of blogging. I changed the blog design back to how it was when I first started, as a clean slate for this fresh start. I’m adding some new features and changing the schedule a little bit. I decide to stop doing book haul for now. I’m also not going to be posting any Midway Chatters for a little while because I have not pre-written any for most of the books I have reviews for coming up and I also want to change how I write them. I will be doing two new features. The first one is favorites, I will be doing this weekly with different themes; more details about this feature here in the first post and in the features page. The second is called Ittie Bittie Rambles, where I will do a couple mini reviews in one post; more details about this feature will be in the features page also and in the first post later this week. The new schedule of post is: Saturday: Favorites, Monday: a review, Wednesday: Waiting On Wednesday, Thursday: Ittie Bittie Rambles. This is how it will be for right now, I’m hoping to be able to do more than one full review week soon but for right now I’m not going to be able to.  Comment and let me know if you like the idea of the new features, if you like this blog design better or the other one, and if you would want to see book hauls.

Thanks so much for sticking with the blog and me through my lack of blogging, and also helping me make the blog better! I appreciate each and every one of you so much! :)

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