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Review: The Truth About Faking + Interview

Author: Leigh T. Moore
Genre: YA Contemporary
Release date: 9/1/12
 Received from: Leigh T. Moore
Summary from b&
Jason just wants a date with Harley.
Harley just wants a date with Trent.
Trent's still getting over Stephanie.

When Harley and Jason decide to fake date, they uncover a school of deceptions. Trent's got a secret, but so does Jason. And the more time Harley spends secretly kissing her fake boyfriend, the further she gets from her dreams with Trent.

Worst of all, Harley's mom is getting cozy with her hot massage therapy student, and even Harley's Reverend Dad can't fake not being bothered by it. But when the masks finally come off, can everyone handle the real truth?  
 My Review:

The Truth About Faking is electrifying and refreshing. It is an alluring, airy contemporary, that will make you laugh and smile. The character are so realistic and relatable. This book is airy, a bit realistic, fun, and a great refreshing read.  

 This a enlivening contemporary with meaningful and realistic undertones. Harley's life changes when Jason literally runs into her life. Jason make her life crazier then it already is at the time. She finally has a chance with her dream guy, Trent. But Jason messes that up, so her and Jason start fake dating. Her moms massage therapy student is always at her house, and rumors start to spread. What will happen when the truth comes out?

Harley is such a relatable character. I loved her personality, she was super fun to read from. Jason is super hot, and he is very entertaining to read about. I could easy relate to all of the characters, and that made this book even better for me. 

This is a kind of book that makes me remember why I love reading. It's so refreshing and fun. This book is the definition of fun reading. 

I loved this book. It is so incredible. The storyline, and the characters are so entertaining and fun. This book is a light and happy read. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun and refreshing read.

Interview with Leigh Talbert Moore

Q: What are three words you would use to describe The Truth About Faking?   

A: Funny, swoony, layered (yes?)

Q: What inspired you to write The Truth About Faking? 

A: It was actually a combination of a car crash, M. Night Shyamalan, Sarah Dessen, Deb Caletti, and Robin Palmer. LOL! Seriously, though. I had been reading a lot of Sarah Dessen, and I was thinking all these deep thoughts about issues and how families deal with things. Then I watched the movie Signs, and I kind of went down the rabbit hole of Harley’s dad being a reverend and what might happen that would be so bad, he would leave the church. How would that change Harley’s life…

TTAF was originally going to be sad and angsty. But then Jason showed up, and he and Harley just had too much fun together. They completely changed the story! I blame the Caletti-Palmer influence. The car crash was just the spark that lit it all. Jason crashed in and it all turned happy. :)

Q: What did you enjoy the most about writing The Truth About Faking?

A: Harley and Jason’s scenes together. I always knew Harley was going to start as this sheltered, somewhat naive girl, who was going to learn some life lessons. But Jason really changed how she learned them. Plus he’s so cute and such a great kisser. He upped the stakes on Harley’s decision-making process. :)

Q: What inspired you to become an Author?

A: You know, I don’t really know what happened—Haha! I’ve been a writer for years—I worked as a journalist for a long time, then one day, I got this idea for a story and decided to see if I could tell it.

I wrote a funny blog post once answering this question. A few weeks before I started writing that first book, I visited an Indian artifacts museum in Sedona, AZ, and when I was alone in the shrunken heads room, a freak hail storm occurred—like out of nowhere. The power went out, and the temperature dropped literally 30 degrees in like two minutes.

And I was possessed with the ghost of… LOL!!! *snort* Omg, I’m totally kidding.

OK, the hailstorm/power outage/temperature drop really DID happen, but I just walked to the door and stood watching until it stopped. Then I left.

And I went home as if in a trance and silently went to my laptop and started to type… (OK, I’ll stop now.)

THANK YOU so much for having me Brittan! I hope everyone likes my book. I hope it makes readers smile. :) <3







  1. I really enjoyed the book and had a hard time putting it down. :D

  2. Thanks, Brittan! I'm so happy you liked my book! Thanks for reading~ :o) <3

  3. LOVED THIS BOOK! It was everything I'd been looking for but couldn't find.


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