Sunday, December 16, 2012

Written into Place (6)

Written into Place is a new meme created by me. That is a scheduling post, where you can talk about what you posted last week, what you read last week, what you will be posting that week, and what you will be reading that week. This meme will be every Monday. Feel free to do one too just mention my name with a link back to my blog, it doesn't have to be just like mine your can just use it to share what you have scheduled. You can use my post header too. The linky thing is below in the post.

I'm super busy with school and life right now , and keeping up with blogging has been hard. I should be back to posting more regularly soon. I'm taking a break from posting due to my school finals, the busy days before the holiday, and how behind I'm on posts. My break will be on the 19th through the 26th. I do have a few posts that will go up even has I'm break and those will be the reviews mentioned down below in the scheduled section of this post. Then I will be back posting everyday. Next week's Written into Place is canceled due to that it is Christmas Eve, I'm not sure If I'll have one on New Years Eve or not.

Last Week:
I'm sorry about how little I have gotten done with posts lately.

Review of Lola Zola and The Lemonade Crush by Marcy Winograd and Jackie Hirtz  



Scheduled for This Week:
I will not be post anymore meme or things like until the 26th of this month, because I'm so behind with posts. I will be using my break from posting to get caught up with posts. I have Christmas break from school the 21st of this month until 3rd of Jan. So the blog will have my full attention then, and hopefully I will get all caught up with posts.

Posts I Will Get Up Even if It's During My Break:

I'm in such a rush to get this up, I just have a shelf on Goodreads for the three books. Here is the link to the shelf:

What did you Write into Place?
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